“These days, the ice cream aisle is packed with choices in every color and flavor imaginable. We thought we were well acquainted with the variety, then we tasted Phin & Phebes.”

Also see their Vietnamese-Coffee Affogato (Recipe from the Tasting Table Test Kitchen)


“Of all the Vietnamese-coffee ice cream I’ve tried recently, the most transcendent is that of Phin & Phebes.”


“Our newest straight-from-the-carton indulgence comes courtesy of Phin & Phebes, a two-year-old Brooklyn company making some of the best ice cream we’ve tried (and yes, we’ve tried a lot of ice cream).”


“Cinnamon vanilla tastes like French toast covered in snickerdoodles; Vietnamese coffee delivers a spicier perk than a latte.”


“What I like about Phin & Phebes is that there aren’t 22 other ingredients listed, and those that are there are non-GMO: cream, skim milk, sugar, milk, egg yolk, and whatever extract is needed to communicate the flavor profile.”


“The flavor [Vietnamese Iced Coffee] was slightly bitter with a hint of spice and, most importantly, it totally tasted like Vietnamese coffee. If you like coffee ice cream, you better try this. It’s a rich, simple flavor that I would gladly keep in my home freezer.”


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