Less Mudslinging. More Scooping.

This political season is a hot mess. If you’re tired of seeing red or feeling blue (and feel like everyone should just cool it), you’re not alone. Join the Ice Cream Party and rally around positivity for a change.


We asked America to make nice and say something positive about the presidential frontrunners for free ice cream. The struggle was real.

Win an Ice Cream Party Party

Political pamphlets are no match for our ice cream. Enter our giveaway and a six-pack of frosty pints could show up at your front door. Flavors may vary. Your level of joy will not.

yes please

The Triple Decker Button Trio

Pinning is winning.

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Get Your Vote On T-Shirt

Follow your gut on this one.

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Ice Cream Party Poster

Just the coolest political party in America. NBD.

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Ice Cream For President Button

Hello, Commander-in-Cone.

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Pints of positivity Button

Consider this your new national anthem.

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Sprinkle Button

You had us at wearable eye candy.

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I Scream! You Scream! Poster

There’s no time like the present for a good scream sesh.

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Ice, Ice Baby Phone Case

Waterproof, not droolproof.

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Pop-Up Mega-Cone

For screaming (not eating).

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Make America Sweet Again Bumper Sticker

Will not adhere to any walls. Great for all other surfaces.

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Sweeter Together Bumper Sticker

For ice cream lovers at heart.

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Feel the Churn Bumper Sticker

Revolutionary, my dear ice cream.

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Ice Cream Has My Vote Sticker

Vote hungrily, and carry a big spoon.

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Vote For Ice Cream Sticker

You might as well look up “no-brainer” in the dictionary.

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make america sweet again Hat

Because sweet trumps great.

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Spoon X Scoop Tattoo

Ice cream always has your back.

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I 💜 Ice Cream Tattoo

Will flex for ice cream.

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Cup-or-Cone Mug

Move over, ice cream bowl.

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Oh-So-Melty Socks

Permission to wear socks with sandals granted.

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Drippy Trippy Socks

It’s the final meltdown.

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Sprinklebomb socks

Now that’s what we call happy feet.

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Fight for the Right to Party Hat

You gotta...

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Sprinklebomb Phone Case

Spotty with 100% chance of sprinkles.

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Sprinklebomb T-Shirt

For when your other shirt has ice cream on it.

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Phin & Phebes Ice Cream Party Party